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Why 'living on the edge' ?


Because I live on the edge of the Land Yeo River and near the Bristol Channel coast in North Somerset. These locations have captured and continue to capture my interest in nature, wildlife, natural science and natural history.


About 'living on the edge'


The site contains references to GARDEN WILDLIFE SIGHTINGS, OUT AND ABOUT WILDLIFE SIGHTINGS and experiences within Clevedon, North Somerset and the natural world.

Latest sightings and details about them can be found in the DIARY.


In the MAGAZINE can be found various articles of interest to ME. visitors are invited to contact me with any information about these articles which they would like published on this site. 


The SCRAPBOOK holds ideas which may or may not be developed within the site.


WALKING contains accounts of and suggests routes for walks.


WINERY has within it recipes and records of wines currently being made.


Images used in this site unless otherwise stated are those captured by myself.


I would like to hear from anyone with similar interests.


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